Kinsta Review


Have a WordPress website? We brought Kinsta Hosting Review for you. WordPress has always been a choice for bloggers and content curators across the globe. With this growing demand and popularity there has been a spike in WordPress “ONLY” hosting providers also known as managed WordPress Hosting provider.

Understanding this there has been a rise of a managed WordPress hosting provider. Today we are here with review of similar provider named “Kinsta”. Who promise to deliver great WordPress experience with combination of an awesome infrastructure (they use Google’s Cloud Platform) and support from knowledgeable staff.

So, Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting includes 20 global location (all at same cost), free CDN (not Cloudflare, it’s KeyCDN), staging environment and much more. At just $30/mo. they have a lot to offer. Let’s discuss a bit more.

The one thing I really love about Kinsta is that keep on imporving themselves and ensure that they don't become a stagnant hosting provider. Recently in October 2019 they did major improvement which includes self healing PHP(A big relief for WP folks), automatic MySQL optimization and GCP firewall. Isn't that great?


  • Free CDN (data transfer limit based on plan).
  • All SSD storage.
  • Hosted on Google Cloud Environment.
  • Automated and Manual Backups.
  • Restore on demand.
  • Staging available.
  • Dedicated Analytics.
  • Premium Route 53 DNS.


When paying a premium amount for hosting one does have high expectation. Google has already mentioned site speed to be a ranking factor, so that means your load time will affect your SERP ranking. Keeping all these in mind Kinsta has created a robust high-performance environment. As you are on a cloud environment and not on any shared or VPS hosting so you neither share resources or have any hard limits. It’s really easy to scale you WordPress site with them.

Telling about performance, you get hell lot of things. Route53 DNS for fast DNS better security and fast query resolution time. Also, Google Cloud Engine does help your site to scale up really quickly and handling traffic spikes with ease. Kinsta also provides free CDN service through KeyCDN to serve static content faster worldwide. They too have their own caching plugin tuned for best performance. With Kinsta one can expect a response time near to 260ms (we got results between 370ms-140ms). Performance with them have been consistent and blazing fast. Another best part of Kinsta is that there system handles traffic spikes easily and also maintaining the load time.


Kinsta Performance


Mission critical sites need to be live every time or else losses can be huge. An independent research done in 2013 showed that a downtime of 1 minute can cost you 7900$. Kinsta does have an SLA of 99.9% but I don’t think you would really have any downtime from their end.

It’s because all their systems are closely monitored by dedicated engineers. Apart from this their service is backed by providers like Amazon and Google who really value their service and consumers. Every issue is closely monitored, and any disruption is solved as soon as possible. When hosted on Kinsta, your site would generally hit the 100% uptime mark each month.


Kinsta Uptime


With premium pricing you get premium customer support for free. Your query and issues are handled by WordPress experienced support staffs. When I used the live chat for support my query was answered within 4minutes and after a couple of minutes it was solved. Amazing, right?


Kinsta Support

If you ever get a hosting plan with Kinsta and face any issue, then feel free to contact Dan. He is really knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. Your issue would be solved instantly. Kinsta also monitors your site performance and keeps a log of errors recorded so you can have a look and see to the issues is solved fast.


Well, premium service comes at a premium cost. At Kinsta plan begins at $30/mo. and go up to $900/mo. but if you pay for 12 months straight away, you get two months of hosting free. So, the $30/mo. plan would cost you $300/yr. Also, to be noted that these prices are well justified as you are on a dedicated cloud environment and also these prices include cost of Route53 DNS and KeyCDN plus you are not charged anything extra for automated backups.

Type Description Price
Starter 1 WP install & 20,000 visitors $30/mo.
Pro 2 WP install & 40,000 visitors $60/mo.
Business 1 3 WP install & 100,000 visitors $100/mo.
Business 2 10 WP install & 250,000 visitors $200/mo.
Business 3 20 WP install & 400,000 visitors $300/mo.
Business 4 40 WP install & 600,000 visitors $400/mo.
Enterprise 1 60 WP install & 1,000,000 visitors $600/mo.
Enterprise 2 80 WP install & 1,500,000 visitors $900/mo.
Enterprise 3 120 WP install & 2,000,000 visitors $1200/mo.
Enterprise 4 150 WP install & 3,000,000 visitors $1500/mo.


  • Dedicated Analytics.
  • Automated backups.
  • Staging enabled.
  • Multiuser available.
  • IP blocking.
  • Google Cloud based hosting.
  • Free CDN.
  • One-click SSL installation.


  • No custom domain for CDN (need this Kinsta).




You must have encountered with a host who provide hosting at extremely cheap rate, but the thing is price increases at time of renewal. You might see a price hike up to 200%, isn’t that bad?

Also read about ChemiCloud, for same renewal price.


At Kinsta they have a dedicated analytics section, which is really helpful, and the stats are just so accurate. You get a detailed report about resource usage, dispersion (mobile version or desktop), performance monitor, response codes, cache data and also Geo-IP based tracking. Well that’s lot of data and that really comes handy for site maintenance ass well as SEO purposes.


Kinsta Analytics

Their analytics is such that you can see request sent by each nation as well cities who contribute to them. This is very much helpful in tracking your local SEO.


When handling a business site, you need to take preventive measures for any future mis hap. Kinsta provides you automated backup so that your site gets backed up automatically once in 24 hours.

Apart from automated backup you can also do manual backup whenever you feel like. They will retain all your backup for a period of 14 days.


Well this is something every developer would love. Who doesn’t love to test new code changes, awesome themes and plugins. With the new staging platform, you can freely test whatever you wish without any fear of breaking anything or making any undesirable change on your live site.


Generally, websites have users from all over the world. Its very much important for the site to load fast even if the origin server is in Asia and the user is in USA. Kinsta provides free CDN service to its customers with help of KeyCDN. Also, the network is HTTP/2 enabled which means multiple data directories can be downloaded together. Though this is a great service but there is one thing that I don’t like which I would discuss later in this article


Kinsta CDN


So, this is very important for media agencies or websites with large digital presence. This means if you have developers, designers or other people who help to manage your site can also have access to client area with their own login credentials.

To activate this simple go to settings, then click on company and there you would find grand access section. Simply add email and password, you are set to go.


Kinsta so far has been the best WordPress service provider. With great support, infrastructure and awesome admin panel they are among the top hosting providers. Every pro WordPress blogger should surely have a look at their service any give them a shot. Just in case you are buying their service, I recommend 12 months plans as it saves money without any bargain.