State of Web 2019


The web has developed a lot in past years. From just vanilla CSS and JS to supercharged JAMSTACK sites. It’s a revolution which has been happening. The web has always been great and that’s why it has survived over past decades. The “World Wide Web” was founded in 1989, but it’s not the same.

We have seen great evolution in the web such as JavaScript service workers progressive web apps. The web has seen new and great frameworks such as react and flutter. Also 2019 has been a great year for adoption of HTTPS and web performance.


Web Development Trends

  • Serverless Application
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Frontend Frameworks
  • Push Notifications
  • Machine Learning


Serverless Application


Managing your own server in 2019? Paying for resources you don’t even use? That’s so 2018. In the age of serverless you don’t need to have a backend server. Your request can be simply processed by a small serverless instance which you pay per request.

Read this article on HackerNoon which tells you the what and why of serverless.


"Serverless" no real backend




JAMSTACK is a term coined by Netlify which stands for JavaScript, Markup, API stack. It is a modern architecture where we use API and JavaScript to make dynamic like static sites. It provides a faster website with ease of scalability. Learn more about its best practices on its official website.


Progressive Web Apps


Did you know that on average a person uses only 3 apps daily? If no one uses your app, why make one? Progressive Web Apps or PWA is a new way of developing a website which act as a native application with capable of features like offline availability and push notification.


Did you know all top websites like Smashing Magazine and Gatsby are already PWA? Even NutPanda is a PWA.

Google has got a great documentation on progressive web apps. If you are really interested in bulding one then you can read their docs. Also we wrote a short a quick way to build one, do read our guide to buld PWA.


Build cross platform app with PWA


Frontend Frameworks


Heard if Vue.js or React? If not, then you are missing a lot on your frontend. In 2019 frontend frameworks have make the development stage much more streamlined and easier for developers. They are all over the web and we really think that these frameworks are going to stick around for a quite amount of time.


Machine Learning


HTML and CSS has always been “BASIC”, but it’s now supercharged by special JavaScript libraries. Complex tasks like face or hand detection can now be done in breeze with libraries like Tensor Flow. Combining all these supercharged features people are building great projects. Check out this fun project by Cassie Evans.


Top Code Editors


Data Courtesy: State of CSS
P.S - is my personal favourite for some reason though VS Code is great


Top CSS Frameworks


Data Courtesy: State of CSS


Top JS Frameworks


Data Courtesy: State of JS


Web Development Preferences


Web development preferences have changed over time. Gone those days where was a simple homepage with just simple CSS and HTML. This year in 2019 the web has been seeing great interest in developing performance oriented website and also "APP Like" web apps.


Performance First Development


Load time has always been vital factor on user experience on low end devices or users with slow network speed. Google has also announced that speed to be an important factor to rank. More and more developers a switching to faster website rather that bulky one. Also, tools such as, WebPageTest have become very much powerful in helping developers.


Developers are also switch to new formats and technologies to keep load time low. WebP and SVG are taking place of Jpeg and PNG formats. Single servers are being replaced by globally distributed network of servers.


Web Perf


Application Based Web App


In 2018 we were seeing a high growth in app development but that wasn’t wroth the time, effort and money. Converting a website into an app in now what considered to be a better a budget friendly way. Nowadays with new technologies such a service worker and offline caching it’s very easy to build an app like website.

Web development trends change over course of time, but do you know what stays constant?
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